SUNY UB & Tabasco Food Services Interview

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Jeff Brady, Executive Director, University of Buffalo, discusses how UB allows students the opportunity to customize their dishes based on their own palates. Sponsored byTABASCO® Foodservice.

Recently we got to meet some top men and women at the very new, and very well appointed C3 or Crossroads Culinary Center on the SUNY UB north campus. Together with Penton, Monarch Cinema Productions facilitated an on site interview area and got some great information on the services and processes that the dishes and menus undergo at UB along with how the big list of Tabasco products comes into play. The campus dinning areas have recently started using spice stations that feature multiple varieties of Tabasco sauces. I thought Chipolte had a good selection but this goes a bit beyond that.



Always love meeting and working with new people. We hope to be back again for the next project and enjoyed our time at UB. If your business or one you know is looking to create material focused towards online advertisement or customer engagement don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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